Why we recommend Garaga

At Cliff's Overhead Doors, we believe in carrying the best possible products. That’s why we sell and install garage doors made by Garaga. This company is recognized as being one of the leading manufacturers of overhead garage doors in North America. They have been building stunning and innovative garage doors since 1983.

If you need a residential, commercial, agricultural or industrial garage door, we recommend Garaga. Here are some of the reasons they surpass the competition:

A high level of service

Garaga has earned their excellent reputation thanks to decades of superior products. Here at Cliff's Overhead Doors, we have been working with Garaga for years. Our customers are always pleased with their new garage door systems. When asked what they like the most, customers mention Garaga’s beautiful door models, their many available colours and their excellent customer service.

An outstanding final product

Canadian winters are anything but pleasant. As a Canadian company, Garaga understands how harsh our climate can be. Located in Quebec, Garaga makes their garage doors with the coldest temperatures in mind. Each door has a series of thermal breaks to keep the cold out. The weather-stripping is made to stay soft and flexible, no matter how cold it gets! Even the window panes are sealed and energy efficient. The high R-value of a GARAGA garage door will help reduce your heating and cooling costs, making your home more comfortable for less money.

For your garage door to be truly outstanding, it also needs to look good. Luckily, GARAGA garage doors are a stylish addition to any home. Garaga offers a wide range of door models and styles. These doors can be fully customized to coordinate perfectly with your house. You can add decorative windows, hardware and other architectural details. Finally, Garaga offers more colour choices than any other manufacturer so you can find the perfect shade. Make your home the most elegant on the block – invest in an outstanding Garaga door.

A team of Garaga Experts

At Cliff's Overhead Doors, our team is made up of certified Garaga Experts. That means we will correctly measure, design and install your new GARAGA garage door. We work on all types of installations including residential, industrial and commercial systems and we proudly serve the London and St Thomas aera. Most homeowners only purchase a new garage door once in their lifetime. Make sure that purchase is one you will be satisfied with for years to come by choosing a well-built, superior product. By choosing a garage door made by Garaga, a leading Canadian manufacturer, you won’t be disappointed!

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